It was great to meet Bill (the man) and Nick Amoto and all the other people from S.T.S.Magazine at the Portland Or. sports show "2005". Thanks Guys!!! What an honor to be part of it all!!

Sarah, Pen-Tac

PEN-TAC: World Class Components for World Class Fisherman!

We would like to take this opportunity to say that the two original founders of Pen-Tac products - Charlie Rooks and Jed Davis - were two of the most ingenious, sophisticated tackle manufacturers of our time, without their expertise and dedication to develop the best quality fishing components money can buy, we would have never been able to hope to achieve what they did for avid fishermen in the limited time that they did. They were the best!

We feel very fortunate to have been able to purchase this business and become the new generation of Pen-Tac excellence. We look forward to this great endeavor, and cannot wait to once again provide you with the greatest tackle money can buy.

The best on the Planet !

The Killingsworth Family for



A Message from Bill Herzog:
Michael Jordan's Return to the NBA?  Big Deal.

The biggest sports story of the year comes from Yreka, California and BK Lures (530) 841-0904, ladies and gentlemen - Pen Tac is back!

You read that right, kids— the untouchable B.C. Steel Spoon and all those fabulous spinner components have returned. Now, there are other fine companies that manufacture spinners and spoons, but we all know the bar was raised when Pen Tac showed up. Production began in March and now they are available again. It’s like when an old friend you haven’t seen for years suddenly calls. I was down to my last 40 B.C. Steels and loathing the day not far off when the last one is donated to the fishing gods.

No more. All I can say is steelhead and salmon are in deep guano, folks.

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